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Pariwartanacha Watsaru, a Marathi fortnightly is being published for the last 20 years. Started as one back to back page issue besides being a self-avowed ‘un-periodical’ Watsaru has come to be known as one of the most regular fortnightly in the Marathi literary world. It has earned an epithet of committed, serious and critical magazine (Maharashtra has ever seen after Magowa and Tatparya in the seventies and early eighties). Its chief motto is to unravel the complex material reality in all its ramifications in order to change it for better, egalitarian tomorrow.

Informative and critical analysis of socio-politico-economic as well as cultural and literary theory as well as practice is one of the salient feature of Watsaru since its inception. Off late determined attempt has been made by the new editorial team to understand and analyze contemporary events of various hues in the form of the detailed cover story, commentary articles as well as research / special articles. It also publishes good quality literary works in the form of poems, short stories, one act plays etc. Reviewing newly arrived English/Marathi books is also one regular feature. Divali special issue is another activity that is being run for as many numbers of years. Besides publishing full length novels and dramas Watsaru Divali issue has always made it a point to cover one major contemporary issue exhaustively. These Divali issues have received Yashwantrao Chavan Award for two consecutive years in 2010 and 2011. In the year 2006 it also secured Maharashtra Foundation (USA) award for its overall contribution to progressive journalism.

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